I just walked out of a meeting focused on the hot topic of the BRT. I was invited to the meeting under the guise that this would be an open dialogue and people would have a chance to share their opinions. What it turned out to be was an ugly scene of yelling and name calling. Something I wouldn’t expect from adults. Apparently BRT really gets people’s blood boiling!

So where do I stand on it? Knowing what I know right now about BRT and if I were voting on whether or not to go forward with the project I would have to vote NO for one reason, the price tag.

Having lived in both Seattle (horrible public transportation) and Chicago (excellent public transportation) I can see both sides of the issue. Public transportation (when done right) can be very beneficial to the community. It can alleviate traffic, improve air quality, and free up parking spots for those who need them most. Unfortunately this is not one of those times where it is done right. If I were on city council and there was a large demand for buses to transport college students between Provo and Orem I know one thing for sure, I could do it for a LOT LESS than $65 million!


2 thoughts on “The BRT

  1. Garrett, If you would like additional information about the BRT project, you are welcome to contact my office, 801-229-7035. there is a lot of misinformation being shared about the project.

    Jamie Davidson, City Manager
    City of Orem


  2. I don’t necessarily agree with your position on BRT, but if you have some good ideas to either make the plan better or cut costs without cutting services, public transportation can be an absolute boon in our city.
    FTR, I live in South Orem, just off State St @ 1800 S


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